thinInstances collisions

is there a way to get a individual collision detection with thininstances? I was wondering if using a physic engine like ammo or oimi could solve this problem since a thininstance it self isnt able to have individual collisions.

Does anybody has an idea for this?

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To keep things fast, there’s no collision detection at the individual thin instance level. Though, maybe with the new physics plugin system it will be possible? Adding @Cedric who will know for sure.

Picking does work at the thin instance level, if that can help you.

Picking helps, but we use thininstances for our apartment drawing-tool. To prevent unwanted overlaps while dragging we want to detect collisions while drawing, so we would need a collision detection.

Our other solution is to calculate the possible collisions according to the mouse position, but my hope is, that a collision detection would be way easier and faster.

Yes! Thin instances can be physicalized in next Physics Plugin version. It should arrive in the coming months. Stay tuned!


This is actually the solution I’ve been developing for myself as well in my game.

@Cedric i wrote you a PM