Unable to compile effect - shader compilation error - html shown in output of vertex code

Hi, I’ve upgraded to the latest release 5.0.0-alpha.65, and am encountering some errors in the console, output from Effect._processCompilationErrors

Weirdly, the html of my page is shown in the output of the vertex code. Not sure if this is a bug or something that’s changed that I need to fix in the new version/s, my app worked fine in bjs 4.

Output in console:


your shader code contains html which seems to mean it is trying to download it from a server for some reasons :expressionless:

Could you provide a repro of the issue ? I can not think of any related changes so far

Yep, my dev server responds to unknown routes with the index - I should have thought to check network logs :slight_smile:

The two shaders being requested are http://localhost:3000/src/Shaders/postprocess.vertex.fx and http://localhost:3000/src/Shaders/rgbdDecode.fragment.fx

It seems a glb import is the culprit, being imported like so:

	(meshes, particleSystems, skeletons, animationGroups) => {

Though I wasn’t able to reproduce in the playground :confused:

This is the initiator for both:

Anyway, if nothing is obvious from this, I’ll have more of a dig tomorrow

Yup this is like the RGBDPostProcess shader is not part of your package for some reasons … I can not think about why :frowning: If you can share a git repo or equivalent I can have a look

Is there some file that has the side effect of adding the shaders to the shaderstore? I tried to dig into the code but couldn’t find where this is done. The shaders themselves seem to be included, a breakpoint I set inside the generated rgbdDecode.fragment.js is being hit.

The shader store only has 4 shaders, which doesn’t seem quite right:


I’m also getting the same issue with the following shaders:


I can add you to my repo, but setup of the project isn’t the quickest - let me know if anything pops out from the above info

I’ve been able to fix this with import "@babylonjs/core/Materials/PBR/pbrBaseMaterial"

w000t this is strange cause if you have a pbr material in your scene this import "@babylonjs/core/Materials/PBR/pbrBaseMaterial" should happen for you :frowning: but I am glad it is working now.

Maybe I can help debug, where should that come in from? As I don’t see it at the top level of any of the gltf files

But perhaps it is caused by my quite selective importing of

import "@babylonjs/loaders/glTF/2.0"
import "@babylonjs/loaders/glTF/glTFFileLoader"
import "@babylonjs/loaders/glTF/glTFValidation"

in an attempt to reduce package size

the gltf files imports pbrMaterial files which are importing the base one hence why I am not understanding it.


Oh yes, indeed - that is confusing. Well, perhaps some setup issues in my project, good it is fixed now

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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