Unable to load avatar(.glb) in mobiles


We have our portal https://inzack.com we have to login with google credentials. After login the dadhboard will display the avatar(.glb).

If we login from Mobile device the avatar(.glb) is not loading. We checked there is WEBGL support for the browser. We do not know what is the root cause of infinite loading .

can somebody help us in this regard

Can you provide an example of the mesh that is not working? Are there any errors in the console?

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Thanks Raan…

I think there is no problem with avatar mesh because its working from web browsers.
Can you login with Google Credentials https://inzack.com and check by yourself from mobile


Sorry, I am not going to log in to check that. there are many reasons for that, one of them is that a production website is not a debugging environment, and that something in the site might be responsible for the issue.

If possible, please provide the mesh or a playground with the mesh loaded, otherwise it will be hard (for me at least) to debug that.

sure got it…

we got the issue resolved. It was actually mobile layout issue.
When we checked with various mobiles we were able to identity.the root cause

am sorry for taking yur time.