Unable to move/rotate lights using Scene Explorer position/rotation modes

I’m unable to move or rotate lights using Scene Explorer’s position and rotation modes in the latest version. The handles show up in the viewport, but manipulating them doesn’t change anything; the lights appear to be stuck where they are. It works fine in 4.1.

Pinging @Cedric our gizmo master

Hi @pnut

I’ve just tested in the PG v4.2.0-alpha.25 and it works fine. Which version did you get the issue with?

Hmm, I’m also using v4.2.0-alpha.25. Can you check out this playground and try moving/rotating the lights using the rotate/position handles?


It does not work for me neither.

@Cedric: at first I think it worked because I tried on the cube, but the problem appears on the lights. Maybe you made the same mistake than me!

It works fine with HemisphericLight but not with PointLight or Directional. Let me check that …

PR is live Boundingbox gizmo jitter & fix point/directional light update by CedricGuillemet · Pull Request #8559 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Awesome, thanks for addressing this so quickly!