Editor v4.0.0-beta.2 Lighting Feature/Improvement Requests

Hello all!

I want to preface this with saying thank you to all the Babylon staff for their work on constantly improving Babylon, and to @julien-moreau for his work on the Editor. I was recently looking into the lighting system and noticed a couple things I thought I’d suggest as feature/improvement requests.

I’m also still new to the editor so I apologize if these issues have been addressed before, but I tried to research all points before posting.

1. The ability to position/rotate lights using the gizmo.

Currently, I can select a light while the gizmo is active, and the gizmo stays visible; however, it manipulates the previously selected object instead of the light I’m currently selecting. I’ve tried selecting the light through both the Preview view port and the Graph.

I saw that Light Gizmos exist, so maybe having a drop down under the “None” button to choose your type of gizmo? Unless the different gizmos could be combined in some way and change depending on what you have selected.

2. Ability to change max light count in the editor

I saw this post about changing the max light count in Blender before export, and that there was no way of doing this in the Maya Exporter. The Maya 2020 exporter (format v20200701.2) seems to be this way as well.

Is this the recommended workflow? Setting this parameter before importing into Babylon? Or should we change the count with material.babylonMaxSimultaneousLights after we import? But an Editor setting similar to the Blender setting in the above post could be useful.

3. Missing lighting tabs

Point Light

Seems to be missing it’s Shadows tab. I saw here that they can cast shadows so I’m assuming the tab is simply missing.

Spot Light

Seems to be missing the Spot Light tab.

4. Is Visible checkbox for lights

This could be useful for troubleshooting lights without having to turn the intensity down to 0. Essentially, having light.setEnabled(false); and light.setEnabled(true); as a toggle.

Thanks again! I’m really excited to work with the Editor.


Hey @tbunker
Thanks a lot for all these feedbacks! They were not implemented and this is greate to have it fixed/added :slight_smile:
I just fixed all your feedbacks and it is now available on the branch release/4.0.0 of the Editor (available here: GitHub - BabylonJS/Editor at release/4.0.0)

For the SpotLight’s tab, I simply forgot to add it (shame on me, my apologize!)
For the max simultaneous lights, I think this is the right way to go. All materials in Babylon.JS that handle lights have this property set default to 4. You are now able to set from 0 to 32 (like the Blender exporter does)

Are you using the version 4.0.0-beta.2 of the Editor? I’ll publish a beta.3 asap with these fixes.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the response! I am indeed using the v4.0.0-beta.2 version of the editor

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Can you build it yourself from the git?
If not, I can share the new beta asap for all platforms (win32, linux and Mac OS)

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Git is definitely not my strong suit, so a new beta would be greatly appreciated!


@julien-moreau I was able to provide a build for @tbunker after rebasing against release/4.0.0!

@jkeys thanks a lot you rox!!!
@tbunker I found bugs in the assets component and painting tools, I prefered to fix first. I’m releasing the beta.3 tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Awesome! FYI @tbunker and I are on the same team, I’m not accosting strangers and giving them builds :smiley: