Videodome texture reflection probe hyperobject sculpture thing

:stuck_out_tongue: ← video, uh, picture doesn’t do it justice


Amazing. So the reflection texture/probe is from a video, correct? Any chance we get to see the source to better figure just how twisted this is? The effect is really cool. Luv it.

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Ya Ill tryda return to this tmrw nudge me if it takes longer.

zoom in :stuck_out_tongue:

now here’s my question for you: can you get vertex displacement working with this sphere?

like a vertext shader that makes the sphere all wubbly but still preserves this texture?

Thanks, so cool to have that.

Else for "

" I hope you’re not asking me;) because I have no faen clue. :zipper_mouth_face:
All I can tell you from this PG is that from there, redoing the colors/tones/curves of the video, adding a light source/rays and a cool reflection floor, I would likely create the most amazing disco ball :sunglasses:

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