Visible glow through instance mirrored mesh


When we use the function “mirror” in the blender, glow behaves strangely. This can be seen on the walls and floor of our scene. I didn’t find a similar question on the form, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Everything is fine with the closed door:

When it opens, an error is visible:

Where there is no animation I get the same error:

WoW this is still looking amazing !!!

About the glow my guess is the meshes of the walls in front are not part of your glow layer so not occluding it ???

If not a repro in the playground would be amazing.

It looks great thanks to the Babylon:) There would be no Babylon, there would be no idea of a mobile game.

I found how to make a “mirror” in babylon as in a blender (blender does scaling to -1.0):

If you delete line 46, glow will stop punching boxInstance.

The fix will be in the next nightly fix glow layer main determinant with instances by sebavan · Pull Request #11890 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub


Thank you very much! We must to finish the game :slight_smile: It’s a hard road, but with your help, we have nothing to fear.

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