Volumetric Spot Light (not scattering !)

i’m trying to achieve this effect, that was done using threeJS : jeromeetienne.github.io/threex.volumetricspotlight/examples/basic.html

This comes from this repo : jeromeetienne/threex.volumetricspotlight: three.js extension to provide a volumetric spot light (github.com)

I searched for a BabylonJS equivalent but since Volumetric Light Scattering has been released, this is taking all the search result and I can’t find anything related to showing the light cone (with blurry edges) of a spot light.

Use case is creating a stage lighting editor / simulator for my software https://benjamin.kuperberg.fr/blux

Thank you !

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This looks like a really cool thing to add and support :slight_smile:

We do not support it at the moment.

Thank you for the reply.
So there is absolutely no way to achieve this ?

Sorry for the misunderstanding, you can totally develop the feature as it has been done in three. It is mainly a mesh and a custom shader. It would even be an amazing contrib for the community. I can totally assist in the process.

I have a working example on my laptop, I will see if i can find it once i get home :slight_smile: