VR / XR Teleportation "light ray" feedback

Hello amazing developers! Back again with a VR question!

When using the default teleportation option, a line or “ray” is visually shown originating from the controller to give feedback to the user where they are pointing with a VR controller. When switching to use teleportation with main component (useMainComponentOnly), the line or ray is not shown.
Question is, is this feedback light/ray from babylon or up to the individual headset?

If it’s babylon, is there a way to always show it? It gives a nice feedback for where the user is going to arrive, mainComponent or not.

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Oh, that should not happen. The ray should be displayed independent of the selection-mode (thumbstick or main component). I’ll take a look.

I assume you mean it is removed inside the babylon experience and not the OS rays (as the rays you show in the screenshot)

Correct, while inside the WebXR, thanks for the quick reply!

I used Oculus Quest 2 to reproduce

And just to be sure - the way to reproduce this is to simply pass the useMainComponent flag to the teleportation, right?

Yes, that should do the trick

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Hello again :smiley:
Did you manage to reproduce?

Sorry! forgot to answer.

Yes, I did - and I can’t reproduce. This is what I get from this scene: Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)

When you click on the main component (and aiming at the ground) the teleportation ray is clearly visible:

I am going to check with different devices just to be sure

**EDIT - checked the oculus as well, and it works as expected. can you provide a playground where it doesn’t work?

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I see, the playgrounds you provided also work fine for me. I think it may be due to using the old vrExperienceHelper with useXR set to true and reinitializing the teleport system. I can get it to work with the following snippet:

xr.baseExperience.featuresManager.enableFeature(WebXRFeatureName.POINTER_SELECTION, "stable", {
          xrInput: xr.input,
          enablePointerSelectionOnAllControllers: true,

I tried to make a PG with the setup I have but it just doesn’t seem to load on my headsets. Will post if I get it to work.

This question has been answered!
Thanks for the attention :smiley:

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