Webdevelopment for WebVR and WebAr

Thanks, I just upgraded to chrome version 89 and got it working!

By the way, GetAvailableFeatures of the feature manager seems to not be working.

What are you getting? can you explain the error?

            const fm = xr.baseExperience.featuresManager;
            const availableFeatures = fm.GetAvailableFeatures;

return undefined.

It is a (static) function, , you should call it and not only reference it:

Thats awesome nobody brings up Tsuro! I made a completely procedural version as one of my random BJS projects. Sorry for the post necro, but I have never seen anyone else mention that game XD.

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Dear @RaananW, one more question. I am interested in tracking a number of different images (i.e., 20) and I would like at each moment to have only one of them active (if they are in the camera view). Is this possible with the current implementation?

This is not possible with the current WebXR feature implementation. You are offloading the image to the underlying system, and the system itself searches for the images on each frame.

You can read the draft here - marker-tracking/explainer.md at main ยท immersive-web/marker-tracking (github.com)

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Just for documentation reasons, image tracking works on chrome 88 beta with xr incubation features flag on, so no need for canary.

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