What kind of technology Otherside Metaverse use?

I just see “Otherside Metaverse” and they build perfect Metaverse with good quality !
do you know what kind of technology they use ? are they use webGL or webGPU or something else ?
you can see they demo in bellow link

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I’m not sure but their backend must be impressive handling that many player transforms. I bet it could not handle this many people with authoritative server, abilities, items, combat and everything else thrown on top though.


One can find all info at their website - Enter the Otherside


I didn’t catch what front-end tech they use
are they use common tech (webGL or webGPU) or they invent new tech ?

From everything I’ve read:
it seems to be based on WebGPU and engine Improbable and network
It also seems to use the Unreal editor.


Where did you read ? do you have any resource link about it ?

I looked on Google and saw something on twiter that said WebGPU is being used.
WebGPU is not yet available on browsers, so I imagine it is using Chrome cannary for testing.
I agree that there isn’t really any official indication of whether it uses WebGL or WebGPU. But whatever, it’s the engine you use that counts and BabylonJS can do it too if that was your question.

After it is the management of the server which allows or not such an impressive number of players. There are surely also tricks to know to make this possible.

On the official site also he talks about the engine Improbable and M²
And on certain article also on Google which speaks of Otherside.

I no longer have the links to my research.

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