Why does my reflection probe see nothing? *Update* Just not the skymap?

So I am simplifying and making

be more geared up for real world usage, but for some reason my probe is picking up none of the meshes in the renderList…

Just need to understand why this is happening, I have done probe stuff in the past and have had the same problem, just have forgotten how to fix it.

All the meshes in the scene are added to the list so Im not sure why nothing is showing.


Once again Im dumb… smfh…
probe.cubeTexture.render() did it…

Buuuuuut now I gotta figure out why the skybox is not rendering in the output.

because the cubeMap texture loading is async… duhhhhh, ok now I just gotta figure out why isReady and isBlocking are not the params to look at to see if the cubeMap has loaded or not.

You can use isReadyForRendering to check if a RTT is ready. See how it is done in this PG (look for renderProbe):

That works for the ReflectionProbe but not for the reflectionTexture that is being placed on the skybox that is loading after the probe captures.

I would figure the isReady should be false on this
until its ready to be seen, and there is no isReadyForRendering on a CubeTexture.

Indeed, isReadyForRendering is only for RTT.

We have fixed the isReady property in the HDR case:

If you have a repro for the CubeTexture case we can have a look.

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Here is a quick reproduction.

So if you go into the inspector and check the textures out you will see the probe did not see the skyTexture even though it was flagged as ready.

Then here is when you hold it for one second then do it instead of checking for it to be ready. Which depending on how fast the texture loaded should be seen by the probe now.

Just because the texture is ready doesn’t mean that the sky material is ready.

The easiest way to deal with this is to wait until “everything” is ready, using scene.executeWhenReady :

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Gotcha, thanks.

maybe using ‘scene.executeWhenReady’ ?