Why vertex normals scales bigger than original mesh?

https://playground.babylonjs.com/#S0KJUA#41 why this vertex normals showing bigger?

Cause you are not accounting for the scale in your normal helper function

Your meshes seem to have a default 0.01 scale.

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Can i scale vertex normal? Or get the exact positions and normals for this current scale?

I am not sure to understand the requested ?

Just in case it is this, you need to transform them in the correct space to display them where they should: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#S0KJUA#43


@sebavan Thank you, it’s scaled perfectly


I faced one problem with showNormals, if i have a smaller object then whole lines takes the object, object is covered with red lines, how to resize those lines?

i would like to dynamically adjust those line heights, is there any calculations needed for that?

@imarabinda you need to scale them

@sebavan how? Tried to add scaleInPlace but for some small meshes it’s gone far away

Can you share what you tried in the playground ? It will always be better to help others as well.