Window resizing create an error with GLTF, GLB, DRACO File in WebGPU


I found a new bug in WebGPU. When I resize the window with a DRACO file loaded I get this error:

WebGPU uncaptured error (19): [object GPUValidationError] - Attachment [TextureView "TextureView_MainDepthStencil_1360x697" of Texture "Texture_MainDepthStencil_1360x697"] size (width: 1360, height: 697) does not match the size of the other attachments (width: 1184, height: 741).
 - While validating depthStencilAttachment.
 - While encoding [CommandEncoder "render"].BeginRenderPass([RenderPassDescriptor "MainRenderPass"]).

It only happens with GLTF, GLB and DRACO file. I’m resizing the engine with engine.resize() when the window resize event is launch.

Fixed by setting forceSetSize argument to true in engine.resize().