You can't see it depending on the angle of the water materials

I want to express water on a pipe using water materials.

However, there is a phenomenon that passes depending on the camera angle.

Is there a way to prevent it from passing?

I do not think the water material is designed for this :slight_smile:

@julien-moreau might be able to help but I am pretty sure it was designed for flat surfaces.

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I agree with @sebavan. You can very easily make that effect of water going through a pipe by using an animated texture. Either with a node material or even simply with a texture with alpha and animation on U or V offset depending on the angle of your pipe. A prb material or pbr metallic offers plenty to play with this and get a nice effect. Else, as I said, a node material.

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Hi @Sewoong-Lee !
@sebavan is right, the material was designed for flat surfaces. I think the water material needs a refresh to get it more modern with more features.

Following what @mawa says, I think this is a good solution

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I got it
Thank you for your answer!