Virtual Staging - Apartment configurator ; by Axeon Software

This is not a personnal project, but a corporate one, by Axeon 360 (team composed with Quentin Davy @Crotmoul (CG Artist), Sébastien Montlibert @devAxeon (dev’), Fabien Le Vavasseur @sharp (dev’), Nicolas Jourdan (html designer) & Vincent Lamy @Vinc3r :smiley: (CG Artist playing also with bits of code).

We’ve first made a version of this project by the end of 2016, using StandardMaterial workflow as… PBR didn’t existing yet on BJS :slight_smile: You can take a look at how we take deep into BJS 2.5 at this time here : Virtual Staging - Standard workflow.

The purpose of this app is to allow customers to set up their future apartment before buying it (floor materials, walls painting, etc).

Then, middle of 2018 (if I remember well) we decided to convert this demo into PBR shading to enhance visual quality. The app is still runnning on BJS v3.3.0-beta, no fear :sunglasses: :

Virtual Staging - PBR workflow

some standard vs PBR screenshots:

PS: in the same way as Hyperion project, if you’re snooping around the code, you’ll may be introduced into our soon-open-sourced workflow helper tool :wink:


OMG this is awesome!!
Pinging @PirateJC for our 4.0 release video!
Also pinging @sbtron :slight_smile:

@Vinc3r: Do you have a good explanation for not ALREADY having pushed that demo to our homepage???

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Ahah yep: at Axeon Software we’re the R&D branch of Axeon 360, and as you can see our branch website still not have a proper landing page, but as it currently not a priority we’ve just decided to stop waiting to show this demo :smiley:

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SOOOO COOOL!!! I love this!!!

Given that this is a corporate project, do you see any issues with us adding this to our 4.0 release video? More Info Here

We’d love to showcase this amazing work, but want to make sure we have your permission to do so!


Congratulations, this looks fantastic!
I have full faith in the potential of Babylon’s PBR system.
This project proves that Babylon + high quality assets = amazing 3D visuals.
I am hearing news that with 4.0, we will have even more pbr tools / materials to play with.
Really looking forward to it!

10/10. Great deployment!