Ability to set parent of a node in inspector

currently parent field in inspector acts as a link.
ask is that parent field can also be changed.

an example is how mesh has link to material which is a link and active material which is a pulldown box.

my use case is that i have number of transform nodes that i wish to try out as root nodes for “rehosting” skeleton root node. doing that in js works just fine, but requires very large number of page reloads until i find the best combo.

cc @Deltakosh as I am not sure of the complexity

Not sure to understand the ask:)

I think @vladmandic wants to be able to change the parent node of a node using the inspector, the same way you can change the material.

One way we could implement this would be to let you drag a node and drop it over another node to change its parent.

It’s an interesting idea, but I fear there may be a lot of hidden complexity in it.


@DarraghBurke Yes, that’s correct. Not sure of the complexity since if I do 'node.parent = xxx` in the code, it “just works”. Also, as much as drag&drop would be nice, simple pull-down list box like its done with materials seems much easier and sufficient.

Good idea!! Wanna add an issue for us in the repo? We will tackle that after 5.0 release/)


@Deltakosh sure, i’ll create it tomorrow


feature request created under https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/issues/12218