Adding .env to babylon export

Hi folks.
I have my exported babylon file open in sandbox but how do I drop a .dds or .env file into it to change the lighting.

Thanks for any help


If you mean how to set the environment texture in the sandbox, there is an option available to upload a dds or env texture in the scene window of the inspector.

Actually… drag’n’dropping doesn’t works for you?

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perfect! just what I was looking for. Thanks for your help.
Would you know if you can animate transparency over to to fade objects in and out?

Drag and drop doesnt work, it just downloads it to my downloads folder when i try dropping in the browser.

yeah, Judge Dredd is here :smiley:

Here is simple example on animating the opacity.

Many thanks for this rpajo. I am coming at this as a complete beginner and know nothing about code.
Im working on a project where I have done the animation and have exported it to babylonjs for the web dev guys to implement. So I guess they will have to implement the fade in out at their end rather than me do it in Maya.
I can forward your example.

Many thanks

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Exporting material animations (at to my knowledge) usually doesn’t work. Object animations such as transforms work fine though with the maya babylon exporter.

Good luck :slight_smile: