Any suggestion for a fake screen space reflection?

The screen space at the moment is only for the Webgl 2 AFAIK is not working with mobile.
Any alternative I can look for?


Says here that you can use WebGL1 with extensions Use the Screen Space Reflections (SSR) post-process - Babylon.js Documentation under Prerequisite section

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Thank you for answering! However, I’m not quite sure.
Can you elaborate on that? I could not find any extension for SSR.

Hi, you will likely have to do a custom integration for this - WEBGL Extensions can be explained a bit more here Using WebGL extensions - Web APIs | MDN

You can use one of the samples there and see in the console that this loads an object:


I am not sure which you need to do this - just guessing based on selection. I would check the list here and see what makes the most sense WebGL Extension Registry

Hope this helps

This source code may be what you are looking for

It might take a while to experiment with this. Thanks a lot.

The current code is already checking if the extension is available when in WebGL 1 mode. If SSR does not work for you, sadly that means the extension is not available on your device.

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That’s wierd as my testing device is iPhoneX :nauseated_face: