Area light support

Hello guys,

I know that area lights are not currently supported by Babylon. However, since I have already seen several threads here in the forum asking about this and I would also very much like to use this feature, I wanted to ask again about the current status.

Are area lights on the agenda? If so, by when can we expect them?

And it would also be very interesting to know if there is currently any way to create some sort of area light with the given resources?

Thank you very much!



We have it on our radar but still not planned due to other priorities :frowning: Add support for AreaLights · Issue #7866 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

the best is to follow the issue on Github.

As a workaround I would recommend using a PBR material with your area light being baked in your environment texture.


Unfortunately, my skills are not nearly enough to help you with this task. Too bad it will probably take a while if it’s still not on the schedule.

Baking is not an option for me, as I want to use the light on animated meshes.

Baking in the .env file not in the lightmap so it will achieve a similar effect with PBR materials.

I forgot to mention that the light should be able to move too. So baking isn’t an option in general. Would it be possible to create an area light effect using multiple directional or point lights?

the lights do not have a shape or size so not really :frowning: Now you might be able to rely on a lightprobe in a cube with a skybox and a couple of emissive meshes :slight_smile: