Building AreaLights in BabylonJS (Paid)

We are looking to create realistic lighting setups using BabylonJS (PBR), and are currently missing the implementation of AreaLights. We are looking for someone to build this feature for us (paid) with the following requirements:

We found this feature request, but can’t wait for general “Future” :slight_smile: Add support for AreaLights · Issue #7866 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub


I’ll be happy to help review and merge that feature FOR SURE :smiley:
And I know @sebavan will be thrilled!

YUP more than glad to help with the review !!!

If there is a possibility to fund the development of this feature directly to the BabylonJS team, we are also open to that! :wink:

Unfortunately, this is not the kind of service our team is able to offer.

I wonder if this was in some plans @br-matt ???

If I can find some free time here I was going to look at tackling this.

It will probably just be a hijack/port of PlayCanvas area light stuff with predefined shapes. I doubt id be able to tackle mesh support.