Babylon.js 6.0 Release Video: Community Submissions

And finally here’s my submission. This is the very first video of the project! Recorded it just now.

And here in the topic Simul8r Project more info about it.


Hi @simon,

Could you tell me what technology you use to have volumetric clouds (shaders…) ?. I’d like to add clouds to a Skymaterial instead of using à SkyBox and i do not know how to do that.

Thanks in advance,


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I used NodeMaterial and layered mesh. But it is not very fast (only for PCs with good gpu), alpha blending with turbulence noise is not too fast. Maybe later i’ll try to do the same but using WebGPU.

Hey Everyone!

We’re absolutely blown away by you all. This year the quality and quantity of the submissions is staggering. So impressed with all of you.

What you’re making with Babylon is inspiring and we are so excited to join you all in celebration of what you all have accomplished with this awesome technology platform!

Today is the deadline for submission to be considered for the Babylon.js 6.0 release video. We will continue to accept submission through the end of the day today.

Thank you all!


Another great year with Babylon
:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Lucky me, your day ends after mine :grin:
Anyways, I’m still a couple of hours early on my projected planning :hourglass_flowing_sand: :sweat_smile:.

So I said I would send something from my spaghetti art project in construction and so here goes.
Project Space Museum (MOE - The Museum of Evolution) is due to showcase 200 great works of art from 50 artists, about 50 sculptures and artefacts and about 50 photos. The giant sphere in the middle is supposed to become interactive and display video footage. This part I haven’t even started yet.
All very much WIP. Also, The video is rushed and I haven’t yet been able to put the site in the preview environment. I will do so tomorrow or before the weekend. I think with this description I did a good promo here, didn’t I? :rofl:

The video you can see from my website in the dedicated bjs rep:

Here a couple of screenshots.

Despite for being far from finished, if I’m lucky, you might still manage to capture something of interest to show over just 200 to 500ms. In the middle of the rest, just quickly passed through like that, it shouldn’t be all too much harmful. :laughing: I mean at least the colors are nice (despite for not having yet the correct env texture :smiley:)

Yours to know. As always, no offense taken if you don’t and then, particularly considering the amazing :heart_eyes:(in quality and quantity) contributions of everyone :hugs:.

And then of course, let me know if you need a hand with anything on your video/audio. I’m sure you start to feel the pressure growing for this upcoming release :sweat_smile: So in case, don’t hesitate. I’ll be happy to help if needed, I guess you know that. Have (all) a great day :sunglasses:


A warm welcome to our Community,
You can come back anytime with projects of such quality. The materials are stunning and the slick interface is also perfectly integrated. A great project. Luv it :heart_eyes:

Introducing the Tyler Hobbs Gallery, a multi-user Babylon.js powered space produced by E-spaces for the Ecoverse metaverse in partnership with AOI and with architectural design by Sebastién Baert of Monde Singulier.

This virtual art exhibition space demonstrates distinction in design, technology and curation. The space offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Tyler Hobbs, generative artist par excellence.

While still undergoing minor polishing and improvements, we invite you to appreciate the museum through our video tour at Virtual Tyler Hobbs NFT exhibition on AOI planet in Ecoverse. Curated by Pace Gallery & Tyler Hobbs. - YouTube. Opening of this space to the general public is scheduled for March 30.


4K resolution version video of Tyler Hobbs Gallery is available at Museum.mp4 - Google Drive

A warm Welcome to the Community,
I simply love the work of architecture here. And the execution is also very neat. A great project :heart_eyes: Congrats,

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The Apollo 11 Tranquility Base, a multi-user virtual space located on the Virtual Moon in Ecoverse, a soon-to-be-announced metaverse.

The design and technical realization was done by the multi-award winning XR studio E-spaces , the developers of Ecoverse. This highly photorealistic space recreation was produced for the Virtual Moon project using NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data.

We’ve crafted an immersive experience that allows visitors to explore the lunar surface and engage with others in a collaborative learning environment.

Join us on an unforgettable journey through the Moon by visiting Tranquility Base and other famous Lunar locations.

4K resolution version video is at Moon.mp4 - Google Drive


@mawa this looks INCREDIBLE!

Wow - great work!!! So much goodness here!

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Hope I’m not too late for the party. I wanted to share what me and my kids have been working on recently. We’ve been using Babylon.js to make a fun way to memorize Bible verses. You type the first letter of each word to attack (or speak into the microphone). It’s still in the very beginning stages, but it is somewhat playable. You can test it out at Here’s a short video sample.

We also made a terrain editor for the game that allows for editing meshes, modifying the terrain’s heightmap, as well as drawing on the splatmap, all in game. Here’s a short demo of that.


Hey yall!

@slin and I have been working on something together. Here’s a quick video teaser:

We actually have something quite a bit more polished than this, but we’ve had rotten luck - a storm in SF has knocked out the power in certain neighborhoods and has prevented us from working together during this most crucial past day :sob: I’m really hoping our sob story will convince you to allow us to extend the deadline just a tad!


LOL. An excuse I didn’t dare to use. Incidentally, I also had a power cut during the entire morning on this ‘crucial day’ :sweat_smile: But then, knowing about the deadline well in advance and having just continued with my ‘lazy me’ posture until the very last minute (which can be clearly detected in my submission :shushing_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:… I just didn’t feel like using this excuse. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
But then, the delta wing looks good and I’m a huge fan of flightsim so I’m gonna go your way on this and pledge :pleading_face: @PirateJC to still consider your delayed take-off :smile: :flight_departure:

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It’s funny when you say ‘…everlasting life’ and you slash a goblin at the same time. I guess the words of God were not applicable for goblins… or else, you might have just granted this goblin an eternal life in the realm of God :grinning: Not sure how I should understand this part :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I suppose I can put it the way my conscience tells me :smiley: :innocent:

LOL, most appreciated @mawa :smiley: I spent more than a good few hours reading about lift and drag equations on Nasa’s website so I’m really glad you enjoyed the flight aspect of this :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your submissions.

The deadline for submissions has now closed. If you’ve got an awesome Babylon.js experience that you’ve created, we’d love to see you submit it for consideration for our next release video.

Also - speaking of releases. Babylon.js 6.0 is around the corner. We’ve made the decision to delay the release by a couple weeks to April 20th. The big surprise that’s coming needs just a tiny bit more bake time.

We can’t wait for you to see it!

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Should I understand that you are planning on the making of a ‘10-years anniversary’ video? I think it would deserve one and in case, I’d be happy to offer my contribution for the making. I do have a bit of xp in this area so (as always) don’t hesitate to ask.