Black Spots on a ground with material

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I’m new to this technology and I need a clarification about the black spots on the ground inside a 3D scene - playground link (Babylon.js Playground)

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These ‘black spots’ you are mentionning are part of this texture. The texture is not a really seamless tiled texture. It is part of the free assets to run ‘tests’. If you look at the texture closely, you will see that it is not lit the same on all sides. There’s a corner that is darker. When you tile the texture and repeat this texture, the darker corner against the lighter one causes this effect of repeated ‘dark spots’.
There are many free tiled (seamless) textures available on the web. If you are looking for a seamless grass texture you should be able to quickly find a suitable one, simply searching for ‘seamless tiled grass texture’. Hope this helps and again, welcome to the Community :sunglasses:

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There is smthg strange as it should look like this

What hardware/browser ?

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Thanks for the replay btw. Will try that above solution.:grin:

Yes, sebavan is right as I am too.
The darker spots do exist from the texture, as you can see in this zoomed-out screenshot below made on high fidelity calibrated high contrast monitor. However, your screenshot looks really ugly. Either the contrast is very poor on your monitor, the resolution is wrong or else something is wrong with your GPU settings, drivers and/or monitor colorspace. Indeed, darker spots shouldn’t be that black and that obvious.

Capture d’écran 2023-03-02 à 09.47.54