Black Texture when use KTX format

I am trying to follow the guide here using the KTX multi-platform compression texture Multi-Platform Compressed Textures | Babylon.js Documentation. When exporting the texture they have colors but in my test playground here it’s all black. I checked the network tab and it seems to load the texture fine without any errors. Not sure if there is anything I need to be aware of when exporting the texture or on the Babylon side. The platform is windows, chrome, and the GPU is RTX2060

@bghgary is the king of ktx :slight_smile:

Thanks to @bghgary for the help :slight_smile: ktx2 is supported by default

This is different from KTX 1 which requires the format

Oh Yeah, thanks! Directly using KTX2 is working fine, but we want to use KTX for performance reason and set KTX2 as the fallback. we have all the files
in the s3 bucket, and in the network tab I can see it’s loaded, what I wonder is why the KTX1 file is not working.

This is because your ktx1 file does not have mip maps stored inside so you need to disable them