Blanket fort hologram in VR ← ya gotta see it in motion



also, potentially crazyface question, what other PBR and/or effects stuff should I try to mix up with this?

is there a way to make it “sparkle”?

I added refraction and it didn’t seem to do anything, so I was probably doing it wrong…

It seems that you have found your purpose. Really cool video effect. Keep going. :hugs:

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if you are looking for some glitter effect some a days here we go:

Some other effects can be done with the post processes

(I like this one personally: Depth of Field and Other Lens Effects | Babylon.js Documentation)


OK, question, definitely graphics out of my depth here, but-- do you know when you’re looking at the surface of the water and it is “sparkling”-- is there a way to do that with a material? (the glitter effect isn’t like… hyper aggressive enough).

What about chromatic aberration?

And, don’t you think refraction would look cool if I could get it to work?

I like that you set starry-eyed goals. For your quality demands it seems to me inevitable that you have to take a closer look at shaders.


Great effects with less effort you can also achieve with the particle system

Shader coding is a high level job … You must have studied atomic physics and higher mathematics in imaginary spaces to work with it… i suppose slightly. *lol

wow that is an amazing demo!