BoundingBox affected by WaterMaterial

the following behaviour of boundingBox seems like a bug to me - if I have a mesh with rendered bounding box above WaterMaterial, the bounding box is morphed like if it’s reflected by the water surface rather than above the water. If this is a feature rathar than a bug, can I disable it somehow? Thanks.
See the following PG:

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It seems to be a bug to me too. I see no reason why this strange behavior would be intended. When you remove the cube from waterMat, It’s not even matching the shape of the actual reflexions of the same lines on the water :

Until this is fixed, a trick to go arround this issue would be to use a material with wireframe…
See this Playground as example.


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refraction will be fixed by Fix water material refraction by sebavan · Pull Request #15055 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub