Cel Shading is misspelled in Babylon.js

I just started using Babylon.js, and immediately noticed that the official documentation and demos use the wrong word for “cel shading”:


(My apologies if this is already widely known on this forum, but I don’t see any mention of it.)

Ultimately it’s not a huge deal, since it’s a very common mistake and most people know that “cell shading” really means “cel shading”, but it’s very grating to someone with long experience in 3D graphics. I mean, it’s such a common mistake that the wikipedia page even lists “cell shading” as a variant name, but since the actual name derives from “animation cel” then the more common word “cell” is clearly a mistake.

I would suggest something like changing the official material to “Cel Material” but keep “Cell Material” around for backwards compatibility, and put a note on the documentation page.

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For reference, the wikipedia pages about “cel shading” and “animation cel”:


Hey @jhocking - First and foremost, welcome to the Babylon family! We’re sincerely happy to have you here!

Thanks for flagging this issue. Great catch!

Before I dive in to take a look, we always like to encourage/ask folks if they’d be willing to submit a PR for it? Not the end of the world, but if you’re willing, we’d LOVE to count you as an active contributor to the project :wink:

Thanks again for flagging this!

Will do, I am semi-active on github in other projects already, I just didn’t know if a PR for this would be welcome.

gosh I just noticed this way down in my TODO list. um @PirateJC you should probably go ahead and take care of this after all, because I have no idea when I would.


Thanks @jhocking, we’ll figure out the best way to go about changing this in a way that preserves back-compat.

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Goblin: Hi, id like to make an arbitrary change to your spellbook. Please see my link to wikipedia referencing your naming convention as a synonym in the first line. Yours is definitely wrong.

Wizard: Hello traveler, Warmest welcome humanly possible. Would you like to add the changes?

Goblin: Na, afk. You do it, cya.

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Hahaha Not at all. We welcome ideas from all, and we totally get it, not everyone has time to contribute.

Next time!

Hey, I wouldn’t call my suggestion an arbitrary change, since this is an existing 3D animation term you were getting wrong. An arbitrary change would be if I had no other reason than my personal preference. This is a specific technical term in a very technical field.

I did say “ultimately it’s not a huge deal” in my very first post. I was simply alerting you to the error if anyone wanted to do anything about it, not demanding that it change. And I didn’t immediately go “no u”, I actually intended to do it myself, but after two months I realized I wasn’t going to after all.

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There are cases in every language where there exist different spellings of the same word (doughnut / donut, for example).
The term ‘Cell shading’ comes from ‘Celluloid’ so there is no error here.
TBH IDT we need to spend TMT discussing that :slight_smile:
But probably we need to change all instances of ‘behavior’ to ‘behaviour’…

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