Cloth sim in Havok


I’d love to be able to do very basic cloth simulation in Havok.
Any plans for that on the Roadmap? Don’t see it on the 7.0 Roadmap, but would love to see it!



Hi @HowdyLuda

There is no plan to do soft body simulation for now. Depending on requests we may change the roadmap.At the moment we have more requests on car sim and player controler.


You can do it manually with rigidbodies placed on each vertex, and DistanceConstraints to link them. Havok is really performant and you will get a smooth framerate as long as you dont use too many nodes.

Check that out :


It would be nice if you could make that into a playground!


Looks nice! is there a PG demo laying around?

Currently on holidays, but I’ll set up a PG for you guys once I’m back


Here you go :

I added spheres to visualize where physics bodies are located, but they are not needed


This is so cool!!

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Awesome! Thanks!

Hi Craig, awesome demo. Any chance you can share a playground on thing like a t-shirt or something simple? That would extremely helpful

to achieve that, you can import a tshirt model and use vertex colors to determine where to “hang it”. Just use blender to add color data on the desired vertices


Hi and @CraigFeldspar thanks for the playground. I was trying some cloth like behaviour with physics bodies where the vertices of a mesh are, much like your example, controlled by physics, but I came across some awkward behaviour. If setting 2 edges as “anchors” , the entire structure will sag. Check this .
If on initialization the physics bodies take the positions of the vertices and the distance constraint max distance IS the actual distance between the vertices, shouldn’t the whole structure be straight? Only sag when one of the “anchor” edges move towards the center? Am I missing something?

Hi @Florin_Dumitru, I don’t know the details of the DistanceConstraint inside of Havok, but there might be a bit of elasticity in the maths. Maybe that’s something @Cedric is aware of ?

Sorry, nope, I’m not aware. I’m sure @eoin is :slight_smile: