Cosmos Journeyer - The infinite procedural universe on a web page

Hello everyone!

I am super excited to present you my biggest project ever! I have been working on it for 3 years in my free time and I feel like I can share some of my progress!

This is Cosmos Journeyer:

Cosmos Journeyer is a procedurally generated universe with a virtually infinite number of star systems. Each system has a set of planets that can entirely be explored on foot (except for the gas planets of course).

Transitions between space and planets are seamless without loading screen and you can pilot a spaceship to go from one world to the next.

The project features volumetric atmospheres, planetary rings, dynamic clouds, planetary shadows for eclipses and asset scattering on the planet’s surface.

Moreover, star colors are based on their surface temperature just like in real life, and star distribution in the universe also follows the distribution of our own universe.

Beyond stars and planets, I also have neutron stars and blackholes! (the lensing effect has some bugs but I am working on it haha)

All of this using the power of BabylonJS!!! And the power of its awesome community, I wouldn’t have come this far without the help of the forum x)

It still has some rough edges as it’s pretty much a very early alpha, so any feedback is welcome!

You can try it at

Here is the source code:


Very impressive!

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This is great !!!

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