Create a Diamond Shader or Fake Shader for Money

Hi i search one who can make a Diamond Shader like:

for me. I want to pay you for your work.

I hope someone can do it.

Are you sure you want to pay for this? Honestly, I don’t find this example very impressive. I can’t even distinguish the faces. May be you should try your luck with twisting the existing base of a node material, like this one:

Else, you could try work it from the base of @andyray GLSL editor

Using any of the above as a starter, I believe it would take only little efforts to change it to your liking.
Of course, my opinion only and meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

Edit: Quickly searching the forum, I found this tutorial serie from @roland to create a diamond shader.
Some links appear to be broken, but even the first one looks pretty convincing to me. Another base you could use as a starter I believe :smiley:


hello mawa

thanks for the examples and help but i need only this quality like in the link.
needs to be fast in web browser and mobile and i have no knowlege to to s shader.

I need a contact person to the person even for the future.
I pay for it too, that’s not the problem. Good work must be rewarded

Well, then let me move your post to the category of Service offers and requests where it will likely generate more views from people looking for a paid job. And may be also one of the person I did cc can help or know of somebody who can. As for me, I would have done it (proposed my services) but sadly I cannot commit just now. May be some other time. Meanwhile, GL with your project :smiley:

Hello @Snoopy.
How are you?
I’m very passionate to create impressive shaders.
I can help you in this work.
We can have a further discussion via email.
This is my mail.


Hello is there a other one who can help with the Shader? RobertWang was starting but i get noi answer more from him …

No one has interrest to make the fake or real shader for money ?

diamonds & rings | Babylon.js Playground (

or look at this demo

airplne | Babylon.js Playground (

Would be amazing to see someone jumping in, it is a lot of dispersion/refraction/allofthefunstuff :slight_smile: