Diamond Using Nodes

I started a new post about diamonds as in the first one I started asking different questions about lights, shadows, etc.

So I made a new tread just for this.
I set up the node material, and I’ll keep updating this.

I didn’t study programming in Uni (I studied art), so I may be slower than real programmers to grasp the concepts… but I started using Babylon exactly two days ago… so I am quite proud of my progresses.

This is the playground.

The node setup is linked inside.

If you like to follow, play with it or ask questions it would be great, so I can also benefit from the answers :sweat_smile:

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Pretty neat!

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Thank you!!!
I have to say I have been helped a lot!!!

I hope that slowly I manage to make a nice shader and help other newbies!!!


I just wanted to share the progression… (is quite small… I know… but I had to watch tutorials etc :sweat_smile: )


I am working on making the diamonds iridescent… then I’ll be working on creating transparency and refraction…

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This is pretty good already!

I have been watching the tutorial of @PatrickRyan on the creation of a die made of acrylic.
The technique is really cool also because it generated the back of the material. I think that the same technique can be used to generate the extremely refractive material of a diamond… Together with an iridescent material, it could work really well.

At the moment the problem is that the rgb channel mix just in the last lerp… so basically the one I posted shows blue and green shades.
Also I used the normals of the world to make sure that each face reflects in a different colour… but it is not the right node in my opinion… it should be something that reflects a particular colour depending on the tangent from the camera I guess

P.S. I am still learning them… so probably I didn’t encounter the right node yet…