Double Enviroment?

Firstly I apologize because I don’t really know if it’s a bug or if I’m taking the wrong path. Recently I want to edit my babylon files by line of code and when I use the “environmentTexture” command:
"sky.env", “createDefaultSkybox”:true,
When I open the inspector I see two hdrskyboxes. How can I make sure there’s only one?

Here’s a link to the file I’ve been testing.

Are you simply loading this .babylon file? or is there anything else in the code that we can look at?

Simply loading .babylon same result exporting from blender exporter and loading file in the sandbox.

Yup I can repro and will submit a fix shortly.

All updated, servers should pick the change in 10 15 minutes, thanks a lot for reporting.


Oh thanks so much!!

All deployed and working in the sandbox :wink: