Examples from the playground

This is so satisfying to watch :heart_eyes:

XD nobody likes mac anyways :wink: haha thanks for the heads up. <3

Buddy, the Galaga game… Can’t find words how happy am I to play it again! It was the game I felt in love when I was a kid. We didn’t have arcades in Czechoslovakia back then. Only wandering gypsies once a year appeared in our town with a truck with arcade games and I was playing and watching others to play it the whole day. I was totally obsessed :joy: don’t you plan to add sounds, score, etc? Thanks a million!

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<3, believe I added a bunch of that stuff here. Its been a while sense I have looked at it though. Might need to push.


Oh yes! Forked…

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LorenzAttractor | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)


Beautiful like always :keycap_ten:

3D Tile Map Editor | Playground


Not really a playground, but figured this would be worth tossing on here for some people.

Realtime voxelization of the scene for lighting, greedy meshing, A* navigation, and other little nifty things.

If you go to src/level/lightning and line 34 you can add more static lights in pretty easy.

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Been digging around PG searches and I keep stumbling across some of my old goodies.

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psychedelic or the beautiy of recursive repetition.


Mandelbrot set build up step by step

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hight score ^^

Screenshot from 2023-09-11 19-12-04

I was looking for a “hopp!” button on my keyboard

:angry: you cracked my high score! not funny! :crazy_face:


Maze Generator

The calculation is throttled to better see the evolution of the labyrinth.

Maze Generator Server Farm

Who can supply me a flashing computer lights material? :slight_smile:

This was a little game I started to make. It’s not finished. You’ll start the game inside the maze. The idea is to find a piece of cheese. HINT: there’s no cheese yet!

Playable from github

You should look up Greedy Meshing. It will help out with this a ton!