gl_SampleMask? What Fragment Language Parameters are accessible?

do we have access to this?

I tried to access it in a shader and was told no…
Error: ERROR: 0:18: ‘gl_SampleMaskIn’ : undeclared identifier

What is the actually list of fragment language parameters that we have access too?

I know we have

and come to think of it I have never used anything else… damn. Ok well to new horizons.

I do not think this guy is for us wegl people :slight_smile:

we are limited to the shader language version in use es100 in gl1 and es300 in gl2 if I am not mistaken. + additional supported extensions.

ok, so Im just jumping the gun on gl support then!

^_^. Thanks I thought that gl_SampleMask was es300 but guess its even newer!