Glb export UV mapping not saving

I have detected a bug in my website when I try to export the model as glb: 3D House Planner
You can reproduce by attaching a texture on a object and changing the UV scale y and x and angle. The glb file does not save the texture change

Can you try to reproduce in the playground so we can troubleshoot easily ?

cc @bghgary as it might also not be supported

If the rotation center of the texture is not at the origin (0, 0), it will not export texture correctly since glTF only supports rotating textures at the origin. You should see a warning in the console log if you are using a recent version.


how about the x and y scaling? It seems that the scaling is not working

Scaling should work always. It will be much easier to help if you provide a playground. :slight_smile:

Here it is :

Let me take a look :slight_smile:

PR up: Call the KHR_texture_transform exporter when exporting a GLTF file by carolhmj · Pull Request #13305 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (