glTF file appears shiny in the Sandbox tester

I’ve recently tried a few tests exporting a model from 3ds Max to glTF using the Babylon.js exporting tool. I’ve spent quite a while reading up on the rules, but I feel I am missing a step. I converted all of my materials from V-Ray to Arnold and added standard lights as opposed to V-Ray lights. When I go to test the glTF file it appears shiny.

When I do a normal production render inside of 3ds Max I get my usual realistic results. Can anyone lend any advice on this issue?

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It would be extremely good if you could kindly reproduce your example at Playground or at least give links to some of your models. Otherwise we can only guess what is wrong, and it would be difficult to help.

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Hello, yes I noticed as a new user I was unable to share files. Here is a Dropbox link to a folder containing all of the files produced by the Babylon.js exporter.