How can I use BJS to create a TableTop Simulator Custom Background?

I’d like to place a few objects in a scene, position a camera and then export an HDRI 3D Panorama image.

Is this possible?

You would need to first create your scene and such.

Then you can place a ReflectionProbe at the positon you d like to be the center of your environment. The probe needs to be rendered in linear space to keep the HDR values flowing,

Finally here is the hard part, you would need a custom shader to render and reproject the environment probe cube texture into a renderTargetTexture. Same remark here, the RenderTarget needs to be in Float format to preserve the HDR data without any encoding like rgbe/m/d

Once done you can read the data back but you ll also need to find a way to encode as either a .hdr format or a .ext one.

Basically it is all pretty doable but will require some fiddling :slight_smile: That said I d love it to be part of the framework toolset.

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I think it’s what you want:

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Yep, that’s what I’m looking for. Thanks!

I completely forgot we had this :slight_smile: