How to dispose rendering pipeline added via Inspector

First: RMB, Add Rendering Pipeline

And there are no Dispose button in the properties:

RMB by added item in the tree doesn’t work (I expected some context menu with “Remove” or smth like this).

Click by added item in the tree and press Delete key on keyboard affects the scene — it looks like rendering pipeline are gone, but the Rendering Pipeline item still in the tree.

Is something of these is bug?
What is proper way to remove rendering pipeline?

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Looks like this is a bug, the pipeline still exists in the scene: Babylon.js Playground ( (you can try doing the same steps and you’ll see the console still logs 1 supported pipeline)

The ideal way to dispose a pipeline is the dispose method, we definitely need to call it in the inspector.

I did not found this button, where is it?

That’s because it does not exist (yet) :wink:. I suggest you add it to your list of feature requests for the v7 milestone :smiley:

Ok, coming back from more investigation, found out that inspector DOES call dispose, the problem is even after dispose the pipeline is still in the postProcessManager, which is also why it’s still on the inspector too. I’ll fix that.

(And yeah, there isn’t a button to dispose of the pipeline, but after I do this fix DEL should work fine)

EDIT: Ok, fix is here! Properly dispose of default rendering pipeline in the postProcessRend… by carolhmj · Pull Request #13698 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js ( :smiley:

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I believe it would still deserve a dispose button. A matter of UX. I would still add it to the list of possible improvements in the v7 feature request (tbD). Of course, my opinion only.