Is the 30 FPS maximum for iPhone 12?

I run this demo: and it gives me 30FPS or less. Is it maximum performance power for Babylonjs on iPhone 12 or can I run it somehow reaching 60FPS or smth like that?

At iPhone 8 I have 60 FPS most of the time.


Same for me on both Iphone 6S and 14 60 FPS


Oh, guys, thanks! Now I see 60fps too. The issue was that my phone used Low Power Mode (a yellow battery indicator). When I turned that off FPS rised up to 60 fps in a moment.


Haha :sweat_smile: Well, the good news is that if you put it on charge, the bloody crap will decide from itself to switch back to normal mode. This thing is just living its own life. Instead of buying it, Apple should pay us to accept owning a piece of their spyware :wink: