Issue in baked textures, result not coming as expected

I have kept the mtl file and texture file along the obj file. But why its not taking effect. See current situation in Babylon js
link: Babylonjs link

But same obj,mtl and texture file in krpano example. Please note: I have not added any light
link: krpano design

How can I achieve the same quality in Babylon JS, please guide?

Hello :slight_smile:

I assume here your problem is a lighting issue, as the baked textures seems to be considered as emissive texture in your working demo.

Try to remove the hemi light and go emissive :

const root = res.meshes[0]
root.material.emissiveTexture = root.material.diffuseTexture;
root.material.diffuseTexture = null;


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Done thank you

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