Map + Road Generator

Here’s a first working prototype of DynamicTerrain based Map+Terrain generator : Test Babylon Terrain Road 2

The map is randomly generated with a Perlin noise each run and a road is then “built” (the road curve radius is a bit randomly value, well the road path itselft is not for now randomly generated). The map is modified according to the road way : hills are truncated or polished.

Try to fly at the lowest altitude just over the road :wink:

Next step : add trees or houses… well, random instances


Did you ever add LOD chunking and T-Junctions?

This prototype needs lots of optimisations. But most of the footwork is done.

I don’t use LOD in this example. But when using it, I just use the simple mechanism one from the DynamicTerrain.

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Whoopsies here is the correct one with real T-Junctions.

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like it…You could add a bit of fog to hide the way the terrain pops in the distance

all this is planned… just a prototype for now
instances to be added first
then effects :wink:


Very Nice :slight_smile:

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Work still in progress and buggy

now with instances and fog …
Try to keep just above the road :wink:


Rahh! excellent buddy!

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It looks awesome. The rotation sensitivity is too high for mobile. I rotated the camera and then I lost the road :blush:

May be Lock the camera movement to look straight at road and allow only small rotation just like neck movement… . Like driving toward sunset