Mesh not accepting texture and material that works if used with standard cube mesh


I have a very simplistic “road texture” I want to apply to a custom mesh that originated from Cinema4D and imported as a glb.

For some reason, this mesh refuses to take any texture. It seems to have the colour of the jpg texture - but the “roads” get lost and aren’t visible. I’ve tried upping the uScale and vScale in case it was falling off somewhere. The mesh itself is about 3000/5000 vertices and faces so the roads might be lost in that somewhere?

As per the screenshots below I don’t think the material or texture is an issue in itself - see the mega cube behind the “blob” mesh. Standard cube has the texture and respects the uvScales - blob does not. Same thing happens with the street paving texture.

I’ve toggled every setting under the sun in the scene explorer and can’t get the mesh to behave.

I haven’t got the Blob available to export but can supply it next week if nobody has any instant ideas as to why this is.

Most probably your mesh doesn’t have uv coordinates attached to its vertices.


Ahah! That sounds like it would be it. In C4D it renders fine so can only assume it’s an export setting? Will give that a bash.

Okay! Resolved. So yes I had to go into Cinema 4D and set this up to use UVMapping, and it’s exporting with the texture in-tact now.