Mesh Textures Look Washed Out

Hi all,

Fairly simple question (I think) here: why does the material in this playground look so washed out? Confused because when I upload the same file to sandbox I see the materials as expected.

Upon adding a DefaultLight it appears to make the textures look as expected. Can someone fill me in on what I’m missing here?

Light intensity was too high, especially considering the fact that you use 2 lights.
Here with intensity 0.5 the model looks better -
By the way, you may not use lights at all for PBR materials and use only environment texture.

Thanks for the response.

I considered the light may be too high and tried playing with it as you did, but the texture still appears “washed out”/flat. Here is the same scene with defaultlight, you can see the model renders much more vividly.

Do you have the same results in Sandbox - ?

When I add files to the sandbox they render normally, exactly like the DefaultLight example.

If you will use env texture and no lights the result is quite the same -


Thank you so much, this works perfectly. I don’t quite understand the solution but I am going to look into it now. Thanks again.

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Here is Doc section - Introduction to Physically Based Rendering | Babylon.js Documentation


Hello @bflock just checking in has your question been answered?