Model load from external location different result then model viewer

Hi all,

I started using babylon and I am facing an problem when loading in a model and texture from dropbox

the uv’s seems to be flipped. when loading the model in the babylon model viewer and dragging the textures in it works. and shows up as intended.

But when loading it from an external source and then applying the downloaded texture to the material and it is flipped.

Now it gets even more strange: Download the image what can be found in the playground link:
Go to the materials: Select the 2 materials that are on the barrel and replace the texture with the downloaded one (its the same yea)

now it works. but I need to have it working with code.

Someone any idea what I am doing wrong?

Barrel texture:


Welcome to the forum !!!

The textures are not flipped in the glb, so if you want to replace them, you should tell them to not be flipped as well in the texture task:

Please not the , false at the end of the texture task preventing the flip.


Thanks Sebavan,

I saw a lot of overloads but seems I missed that one.

No problem at all.