NME Animated Sprite Material

I’m trying to create a material through NME that uses a sprite sheet for animation. I saw this post and it’s accompanying playground on a way to do it in the playground; however, I’m wanting to recreate this type of functionality using NME.

Here’s what I have so far (it’s not much)

I’m looking to offset the UVs over time but so far the closest I’ve gotten to that is scalling the UVs over time.

I’ve also followed @Deltakosh’s tutorial on the Sprite Editor and got animation working in that no problem. Is there a way to leverage this in NME?


Unfortunately sprites are not using materials. So this is not supported out of the box.

Unless you plan to use meshes with billboard?

I was not planning on using billboards since the end-goal is to have a hologram of sorts playing an animation on a plane that is positioned in 3D space.

The tablet screen in the image above.

so why sprites?

Mainly to keep file sizes smaller. Video textures could end up being fairly large.

But I’ll explore video textures for now.

Thanks for the responses!

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