[NME] Example of lit material (non-PBR)?

The default material graph presented when accessing the Node Material Editor appears to be unlit. Does anyone have a simple NME example of how to create a lit material - one that doesn’t use the PBR node?

Hello! There’s no Standard Material node for the NME, so you’d have to implement your own.

You can use the light node to replicate a none PBR material :

Very helpful, @sebavan . So this would seem to be the simplest template to use when creating a “lit” material similar in behavior to the StandardMaterial, correct?

Live NME example

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You can fully recreate the standard material in the NME, see Node Material | Babylon.js Documentation

The node material: https://nme.babylonjs.com/#AT7YY5#7

Yes, your screenshot is the minimal graph to have a simple lit material (you should input the view matrix into the Lights.view input if you want the shadows to work).

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