PBR support in Node Material Editor

Hi there!

Our team is currently working on animated shader using NME. At the moment we are using the standard material example ( https://nme.babylonjs.com/?#AT7YY5#6 ) as a base for this task. Our question is:
Can PBR be handled in the current version of the NME? We would be particulary interrested by a node example of the metallic/roughness workflow.

Thanks a lot!

It can not but we are starting on it ASAP with @Evgeni_Popov !!! so stay tuned it should be soon

Awesome, thanks for your answer!

Hey guys, I noticed that PBR node is available on the https://nme.babylonjs.com/, also in the playground, but not in the desktop editor. Also if I try to save the material from nme, and load it in the desktop editor, it is not working.

Will that feature be implemented soon?

Pinging @julien-moreau who owns the Editor (it is a community project)

@Sergiu_Hulpe you are right For the editor! The nme is taken from the app’s dependencies and not from the web! I’m fixing to take it from the web when internet connection is active