Noise on mesh when moving THREE.MeshLine to BJS

threejs meshline: THREE.MeshLine/THREE.MeshLine.js at master · spite/THREE.MeshLine · GitHub
Sorry that I can’t make the problem clearly. I’m trying to move meshline from threejs to BJS but I find there are lots of noise on mesh, it is even all black at first. You can see the noise by moving the camera.
I recognize that things are better on winding part (by commenting line 191 and uncommenting line 190), so I guess maybe that there is something I didn’t know about rendering.

Adding @nasimiasl as I have no idea about the custom material.

I am pretty sure the normals would be the issue as they are not passed into the fragment.


It should be! Now it works fine. Thank you so much!

----- update -----
vNormal should be vec3(0, 1, 0);


Nice work!!!

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hey worldViewProjection is exist in PBR Custom Material

@tanpopo It is kind of a cool feature, I wonder how we could add this in standard ?

It seems not. I didn’t recognize this until there is nothing without set worldViewProjection. You can try to comment line 168 and the mesh disappear, but there is possibility I did something wrong.

Of course! Is there anything that I need to do?

This would require to not use custom material but being supported in standard but I wonder how hard it could be to pull it ?

I think it can be a class extends PBRMaterial, kind of being like PBRCustomMaterial, but with its own shader? Or do you just mean a material in materialsLibrary?
Anyway I’m willing to have a try though I’m not sure if I’m able to accomplish this.

no problem we could definitely help and discuss on the PR :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late response. I didn’t have much time days before and I was just able to start this thing.

I think it’s kind of weird that we have to make a special mesh(which needs an array fo vectors) to use this material in standard. So actually I think it’s better to make it a external lib just like threejs meshline does.

I have 2 plans if it’s better to put it in standard, first is make it the same with watermaterial, but it will lose most of params of PBR, second is make it a class extends PBRBaseMaterial.

Which one do you think a better solution? I’m not really sure.

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This sounds edge case to be placed directly in the PBR material so extending through the Custom one might be more adapted here, also maybe it could be just a node to help ppl achieving it with the Node Material so it won t be limited to pbr only ?

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Just wanted to say this is pretty cool! It’s pretty nice to see how well it interacts with the existing PBR materials. I added refraction to it just to see what would be like and it looks very interesting: :smiley:



@tanpopo have you had a chance to look into @sebavan 's suggestion? Would you like any more help? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Actually I’m working on it slowly. The main problem is time. :upside_down_face: