Open Source Free Textures Library for Babylon

I’m really exited about the idea, that we as the Babylon community, could create the largest and best open source PBR textures library on the web. I remember seeing these videos before, but unfortunately no macOS version :frowning:

I guess the difficult part was getting it setup initially. I spent a total of nearly 300 hrs of coding just for the UI/Backend/CDN/Babylon/UI/UX design part for this texture library alone. This does not include hundreds of more hours experimenting and polishing the Next.js + React + Babylon system so that they could work smoothly together in performant ways. It’s like setting up the ground infrastructure work before amazing things can begin to happen.

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Can you elaborate more on how you mix them? does it output separate textures?

Isn’t it just a bit early in the process for that? Just asking… You might want to assess these translations and the people working on it first? Next, yes, I believe I would be able to make suggestions but it pretty much depends on the process YOU want to have (and can handle, monitor and master). I’m good with mostly anything (since for me it’s mostly my clients decision).
I think for the time and for the translation of ‘the frame’, there’s no need to implement dynamic/shared among the team translations. And then, when I think of it ‘individual assets’ shouldn’t be carrying too many translations, should they?

I think you are right, we need to experiment first on the best approach.

I actually already have a GUI translation framework from other projects that I built in the past and can reuse, where a translator can login and see all untranslated phrases, and add them. This applies to all static phases in the app, like buttons, as well as dynamically added content, like tags. But that requires the translator constantly logging in to check newly added phrases to translate.

I was just thinking of using some auto-translation AI that will suggest the translated title of each asset to anonymous users. For example, to users from France, suggest french translation of Texture de feuille de verre for Glass Leaf Texture asset (I do not know French, just copied from Google :slight_smile: ). If enough users click on Correct, then automatically use that as French translation. Also have Suggest Translation button, so user can submit more correct version.

This way, the library automatically gets quality translation over time.

You know, that can be fine for just translating titles/names of textures.

Actually, my proposal was essentially to help you out with the site ‘core’ translations. Also particularly regarding legal/consumer policies, since I have some skills and XP in this domain and would like to support you on this first phase (because I very much like both the idea and the quality of the project). I’m not saying I will enroll to provide translations on each new asset (will see about that). But I think most important for now would be to have some convincing translations for the site’s core content. If you want to move on with this, we’ll discuss this on a private channel from now on…

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Excellent Man! Great job and very very very useful! :+1: :love_you_gesture:

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