PBR environments from .HDR files the easy way :-)

@sebavan thank you so much for this tool, As a newbie I was struggling to find a solution to generate .env easily on Mac, most solution I found were Window based. also, I noticed tool generates an image just like skybox, but _py and _ny are on opposite sides.

So what I did, I downloaded .env and also image from tool and slice in 6 for skybox , But those images are not very clear, see a PG with .env and skybox image I gathered from this tool:

could you please provide a guidance on how can I make those images not blurry and fit around my ground? Thanks

Your env texture is only 265x265 pixels. You should try with something like 512x512 instead.


@Evgeni_Popov that was it, I changed the pixels and it seems better now.

Also I wanted to mention I sliced texture by download image which was generated by using this tool Babylon.js Texture Tools

downloaded image had resolution of 1024X1024, If this tool could generate higher resolution and also provide exactly skybox images, it will be a great addition.

<3 thanks all

Is this tool can be added on the main menu?


This is now directly available in the inspector in the sandbox :slight_smile: to make it even simpler.

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Perfect! (sorry Iā€™m less active since the pandemic, but I still try to keep an eye on BJS :wink: )